15 Things You Can Pray About For Our Team To Kwathu Children’s Home

13221014_1048475638566306_1513598313105018618_nI did it for Belize, I’m doing it for Zambia! For all of the prayer warriors praying over the team going to Kwathu Children’s Home next week, here are 15 requests you can pray for while we’re on the trip!

  1. Pray for the unexpected divine appointments in our travels from the United States to Zambia. When traveling internationally, you never know who you will meet, so let us be a light for Christ to each individual we encounter.
  2. Pray for the families of the missionaries traveling, the mothers, wives, daughters, sons, extended family, and friends back home who will be missing us and praying for us on the journey. Pray that the Lord continually comforts them and reminds them of our purpose in serving Him through serving and loving His children.
  3. 13177220_10209565222744270_1081431202784218575_nPray for Evan Moon’s recovery from brain surgery. Evan was originally intending to join us on the trip, but on Thursday, May 12th Evan was sent to the ER, and soon thereafter learned that he had a brain tumor. Even in his hospital bed, he has been changing lives for God’s glory, (Click here and read each article with “Moon” in the title to learn more). Please pray for him in his road to recovery, and pray for his family’s peace and comfort, and financial provision. If you would like to donate to their medical bills, learn how at gracekleincommunity.com/donate.
  4. Pray for the missionaries and staff at World Reach while I’m gone. Pray for the Lord’s work through World Reach to continue and flourish in mighty ways while I’m on this mission, and that through the trip and after God continues to open my eyes to new ideas to advance the many ministries that World Reach supports and represents.
  5. Pray for my colleague at World Reach, Brooke, who will be handling some of my tasks at World Reach while I’m gone, that the office isn’t too lonely and the work isn’t overwhelming.
  6. Pray for the hearts of our missionaries who have never been overseas before this trip to Kwathu Children’s Home. Pray for their patience, flexibility,  forgiveness, and that God will use this experience to challenge them and open their hearts and minds to new realities, while also softening their hearts for His children in Zambia.
  7. Pray for the hearts of the children as they meet us for these short two weeks, that they will be open to receiving us and enjoying our company. Pray that their hearts will be open to our ministry, and that our hearts will be open to learn from them, as well.
  8. Pray for my meetings with Jeannette and Agrippa, the leaders at Kwathu Children’s Home. Pray that the Lord inspires us in each meeting, and helps us dream BIG, while also keeping in perspective the realities of ministry. Pray that through these meetings and my time at Kwathu,  God provides me with the stories, the photos, and the videos that allow Kwathu’s ministry advocate in the States, Natalie, to dream even bigger when I return to the States.
  9. Pray that whatever God’s purposes for us are outside of what we have planned, that we accept them, embrace them, and enjoy the ride. Trips like this tend to have many twists and turns in regards to planning and the plan changing. Pray that the Lord uses that to accomplish His good.
  10. Pray that the supplies we bring with us to bless Kwathu Children’s Home will be used in a way that provides for the children and staff, and blesses the community around them in Livingstone. So many of you have given household needs for this trip, pray that your gifts to this ministry are used to bring God the most glory possible.
  11. Pray for all of the Grace Klein Community efforts that are going on while we are gone. Many important volunteers and staff members are on this trip, so pray for the Lord to keep everything running smoothly, and if you have the time to volunteer or attend their events, do so! You can find many opportunities on their website!
  12. Pray Galatians 6:1-10 over us, that as we work as a team, we strive to do good to everyone, handle differences with gentleness and grace, and bear the loads we are given with joy.
  13. Most importantly, just pray that whatever God does on this trip, He uses it to teach us more about Him, and draw us closer to Him.
  14. Also just as important: That God uses your prayers and support of this trip to draw you closer to Him and His will.
  15. Pray for our safe travels home.

Thank you to everyone who is praying for us, as we come upon a week until the trip. I’m really excited to see what God has in store, and I can’t wait to share my experiences from this trip with you all when we get back. May the Lord bless all of you in this time, and if any of you have prayer requests for me, always feel free to put them in the comments!

Thanks and Blessings,

Michael Kline

The Missions & Media Guy

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